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Hydropower Engineer Recruitment Videos

Drax Group PLC

Drax Group are a global energy company engaged in renewable power generation and the production of sustainable biomass. Generating electricity for the UK and internationally.

In a post-pandemic world, recruitment has been a huge focus for the majority of companies, with intense competition in attracting the most sought-after candidates to an organisation.

But with each competing employer offering a wide range of work benefits, how do you get your company to rise above the noise? How do you demonstrate what it's really like to work for your company? Well, you let them see it with their own eyes! Nothing beats honest experiences from first-hand testimonials and real-life footage of the job in action.

Drax reached out to us wanting to work together on an informative and engaging recruitment video that encompassed their Hydropower generation sites and the different kinds of roles available at these locations. We, of course, said "sure thing!" and alongside this, we also collaborated on a series of shorter videos for social media, highlighting individual staff members and their experiences, including the appeal of relocating to this stunning area.

Director dressed in high-vis filming talking to a smiling corporate lady in front of a camera

We faced a few challenges along the way. Not only were the shoots at rural Scottish locations, but our filming days also happened to fall on a week of national rail strikes. Additionally, being tasked with capturing the natural beauty of each of the sites, we soon learned that Scottish landscapes aren't always forgiving (weather-wise!). Our adaptable team negotiated through a last-minute change of travel plans and implemented some early starts to filming days to try and beat the clouds each morning and capture those breathtaking aerial shots.

We jam-packed a tight schedule full of as many interviewees as possible. For all but one of our interviewees, this was their first time speaking on camera, so we made sure to keep all the interviews short and informal. Whenever capturing interviews, we try to take all pressure off of the interviewee - putting you at ease from the outset helps ensure we capture an honest and genuine feel to the dialogue. We’ll spend some time getting to know you before shoving a camera in your face!

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Recruitment Campaign Video

Social Short

Opportunities To Grow

Social Short

Highlighting The Area

Social Short

Jamie's Story

Social Short

Lewis's Story

Social Short

Louise's Story

With a series of 7 videos in total, we created an abundance of content to develop informative website landing pages, engaging paid promotional ads, and to re-target leads who may be intrigued by the company and roles available.

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