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'Medicine' Music Video

Harpy, Red Light Management

Harpy is a gothic, rock/pop musician and fetish fashion lover. Renowned for dark hypnotic sounds that take over the radio waves, Harpy’s music has been celebrated by music publications, critics and played on platforms including Radio 1 and Kerrang.

After working with Harpy on their first music video and Press & PR Photography shoots, when we heard a second music video was on the cards, we, of course, jumped at the chance to get dark and creative once again!

The first stage for us, when it comes to any music video, is understanding the meaning behind the song. Speaking on the single, Harpy said, "Sometimes we don’t want to be saved. Sometimes we want to feel the pain, to revel in the misery. We do things that are bad for us because sometimes they feel good… So good that we go back to them again and again and again. That’s what 'Medicine' is about.”

From the very early development stages of the video, we brainstormed, developed, and fleshed out a couple of concepts with Harpy until we all finally fell in love with this nod to a few classic and favourite horror movies - Hitting that ritualistic and sacrificial nail on the head while still keeping in line with Harpy’s clear stylistic identity and modern aesthetic.

We had an absolute blast bringing this hedonistic horror-filled fantasy to life. Starting with a moodboard filled with stylised visuals inspired striking BDSM Fashion and iconic cinematic scenes from Basic Instinct, Archive 81, Silent Hill and The Matrix.

We scouted the perfect 'blackout' studio location and completely transformed the space, with plastic sheeting, into something reminiscent of a serial killer’s fantasy! We put together a talented design, styling, lighting, hair & makeup, and choreographic team, that all worked together seamlessly make this creative vision a reality.

With sweeping crane camera movements, impactful strobe lighting and a willing group of sacrifices, we managed to create a dynamic music video to both push the boundaries of pop visuals, whilst also endorsing the darkly-rich gothic sound that Harpy creates.

Video camera monitor showing a figure dressed in a black catsuit with mask


Harpy 'Medicine'

Music Video

With the video premiered by the hugely popular rock channel and magazine - Kerrang! And quickly racking up 90,000 views on youtube, it's safe to say that the Medicine music video was a huge hit with Harpy fans far and wide!

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